Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Officially Waiting

We are now officially waiting in our adoption process. All of the paper work, home studies, back ground checks, and more paper work have been completed. (We only started the process back in March) So not to bad. Now we just wait.
Gender and ethnicity aren't a factor for us. We're not at all being picky, we just want another little one. We wanted Heidi Anne and her sibling to be fairly close in age (like less then a 3 year age difference). So we decided to start the process now, since the wait time can be anywhere from months to years.
You can even view our profile online too, but it won't let me do a hyperlink. But if you go to American Adoptions and then search Utah, you'll easily find us (since we're the only waiting family in the state with the agency.)
Wish us Luck!!

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