Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heidi Anne Continued

Yeah, finally time to think! So here is the to be continued of Heidi Anne's party! Char's family came over for a barbecue and to see our new place. All of his sisters came (except one, but a 4 hour drive is nasty when very pregnant, trust me) you only want to make that trip as a necessity.
Anyhow, they all came up for a barbacue, and Heidi Anne had all ball. They normally see her after a two hour drive or out of her element. So it was nice for them to see what a ham she is. She seemed to have more fun with wrapping paper, ribbon, can cards at some points then the gifts. Which was funny!
She got a baby doll, a shopping cart, a walker popper thing (you know the balls pop when you push it) a book, and a cute yellow dress from Char's folks. Two of her Aunts gave her a portable changing pad book and those alphbet wood blocks on a wagon, which she loved. Another Aunt gave her a wooden hammer and peg set, she loves to hammer things. The other Aunt gave her a Little People block set and we got her a Little People Bus (Little People are awsome).
We then had cupcakes to finsh it all up.
She is such a mix of the two of us, loves the shopping, cooking, and "help" me clean. She also loves to play with trains, blocks, and hammer and peg set like Char.
Here she is peaking at her gift
Here She is Making a Cupcake Mess

More Photos on our Facebook! Hooray for Facebook!

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