Thursday, July 2, 2009

Response to criticism

Yes our post was only about Heidi, nothing to do with anything or anyone else. We do recognize all of the contributions and other things done for us as a family. We never mentioned which side of the family we were talking to. To egocentrically think it was about one side over the other is selfish and hypocritical in the first place. Since when is it wrong to think that to treat your children unfairly and to defend them? We do not care how you treat us, but a baby?

Hmmm... isn't it a bit hypocritical to say jabbing through a post is wrong when jabbing through the post? Aren't you supposed to take the higher ground when insulting others?

Our original post on our online journal is that no one was celebrating Heidi, that Heidi is treated like a bastard and I am made the enemy. We never named names, or said it was one side over the other. Both my side and Char's kept promising things and never followed through. All I said is I was hurt.

What do I see extended family to be, you may ask? Do you see it as getting things for the baby, or perhaps the things that the parents can not afford? Toys, attention, love? Yeah, I'll be the first to admit it, my family is poor, and yet people are showing that they care by calling or sending a note. That is an extend family to me, and that is all we expect. At this time when my sister in law's baby is being celebrated I remember back to my pregnancy a year ago.
I am feeling Sorrow.

Some talk about talking openly and not through the posts. How about those people take the first step and stop waiting for others. You know our phone numbers call us and talk to us, don't expect us to call you.

P.S To the nasty Anonymous poster I removed--If you want to fight about my family, I am sure my parents are more then willing to fight with you. Oh yeah and did I forget to mention that they are taking care of their own biological children? You ASS-U-MED, if your going to insult how about you get your facts right? Makes you look silly, just trying to help out is all.

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