Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art Show

We went to the local art show on Saturday, and walked around for 2 hours! There were over 150 artist there. I got visit my old boss Eric Dowdle which is now a tradition to visit him every year at the art show.
Another cool thing about this art show is the artist demonstrate their skills as well. So he as able to talk to the artist and ask questions and watch them do their work. Breadin really likes the artwork depicting wildlife or landscape shots. He loved the wood burning art as well as the carving. He has a thing for wood work I think. The woodworkers were super nice and explained to him how they do their craft and little odds and ends about woodwork. We got a few funny shots of Brea with some statues. And of him trying some stilts. It was fun just looking around and seeing what other people can create.
Brea Learning What Goes Up--Must Come Down, What A Good Sport He Is!!

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