Sunday, June 7, 2009

Airshow 2009

We went to the air show this weekend. It was soo fun. We (Char, Heidi Anne, Breadin, and I) meet up with Rhett, Rebekah, Kaikai (my favoritest niece) and Maleia at the Wendy’s near the Air Base around noon. We had some information that the Thunderbirds would be performing around 1-3 pm. Well they didn’t perform until 4:15. It’s okay, we had enough sunscreen packed, and apart from the crowds, (which I think got to all of a bit). We survived.
We took a tour of a Stratotanker (which took 30 mins, but was fun). We saw mock dog fights with World War II planes. A red World War I plane. A couple of really cool parachutes, a bomber plane do stunts, and few F-16s. We did a lot of wandering, just looking at different aircrafts.
After we starting getting to hot, we went and rested under some hangers. Rhett went to Popeye’s, (Yes, there is a Popeye’s on Base!!) Rhett asked us what we wanted to drink, we said Gatorade-since it was hot and we needed the hydration. Well he brought back Sprite; he thought we wanted Gatorade because we didn’t drink caffeine. So we gave him a hard time about that (I am a Coke-Cola girl though and though).
So finally at 4:15 just as it is getting stormy the Thunderbirds perform. It was AESOME!! They would get so close to the ground and go so fast that car alarms went off. The hanger was the perfect spot to watch too, we were away from the crowds, in the shade and had a PERFECT view of the show. It was amazing!

F.Y.I--There are tons of pictures of it on my Facebook.

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