Friday, February 1, 2019

Measles, Flying Ostrich, Lots of Pics

We haven't really been doing much lately. It's mostly due to the stupid measles outbreak in the area. Currently, there are over 40 confirmed cases and over a dozen suspected. Here's what we've been up to while homebound. 
 Yesterday was the first time Anastasia went out in public since this measles crap started, which around the 9th of January. I couldn't find her records and didn't think she had received at least 2 doses. I received the records today and she is current! We went to the park to celebrate our freedom (and the warm, sunny day). 
Anastasia adores Rowan and has reached a stage where she takes his explanations of the world as gospel truth. For example, they were watching the little birds peck at some seeds when a big black bird appeared. Rowan shouted "Look Anastasia! An ostrich!" They watch in awe of this big bird, which promptly flew away. Rowan adds, "Ohh Anastasia! That a flying ostrich!" (She now calls all black birds flying ostrich).  

While most of the country was buried knee deep in the snow or in a polar vortex, it was (mostly) nice weather out here. It was so pleasant that the kiddos and I walked to the little neighborhood park to play. I don't know quite how long we were there. The only reason we left was due to a sudden deluge that caught us all unaware. I'm still learning that we're not in a desert anymore, therefore, I need to bring an umbrella every time I head outdoors. 
I've made a discovery, we're the odd ducks at the local park, however, there are a lot of people at the big community parks. Apparently, there is a difference between neighborhood parks and community ones. I hope to visit all the big parks at least once while we're here. I've even made a bucket list for the area. I don't know why but I was not this adventurous back in Utah. 
Rowan is currently in preschool 2 days a week. Hopefully, that will change after his IEP meeting in about 10 days. His favorite part of the day is when the bus comes to our door to pick him up. We just wait on the porch and as soon as he hears the rumble of the engine he is up and running to his spot on the sidewalk.  
Heidi has developed a love of birds. She feeds them nearly every morning with Rowan in tow. They sprinkle birdseed (with some acorns for Chubsters the squirrel), around the back fence and porch. Then they come inside, sit on the floor and watch the birds flock to feast. I think I'll get them some binoculars if they keep this up. 

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