Saturday, April 1, 2017

Car Accident, Changes and Doctor Who

Heidi loves to play an educational game called Little Alchemy. You can create different objects by combining different "elements ". For example, she made a snowmobile by combining the following: 
1. man + sick = Cold
2. Cold + rain = Snow
3. Snow + Motorcycle = Snowmobile 
Anyways, Heidi Anne somehow created the TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, and The Doctor (Doctor Who) in her game. Heidi Anne then reminded me she wants a TARDIS poster for her birthday. She lamented that no one in her class watched Doctor Who, so she couldn't really share her discovery with anyone. She's starting to reach the age where, I as a mom "don't count".

On Monday Char was driving to work in the snow when he hydroplaned. He slid off the road, hitting a sign at 65-70 MPR (in an 80 MPR zone) on the driver's side.The pole slammed right where he was sitting. The airbags were deployed and the windows exploded with shattered glass. (He's combing glass out of his hair as I type this.) He's okay, very sore and bruised. But okay. 
It could have been worse, he was 2 feet away from a river and really close to a barbed wire fence. That car didn't fair to well. You have to see the car to get the full magnitude. The axle is shot, the frame on the driver's side is bent in multiple places along with the missing windows. The Utah Highway Patrol officer was rather nice and blamed the accident on Mother Nature. 
Here's Anastasia playing with Rory's car just after I received the news regarding the accident. We did receive the cost to repair the car, it's over $21,000.00. Apparently, the adjuster stopped counting at that point. It didn't include the axle (which broke) or the tires, ball barrings, etc. Which means the car is a total loss.  

Anastasia pulled herself up and stood by herself (with the aid of the toy box) for the very first time. She got stuck in that position and didn't know how to get down. So I did the right motherly thing, I took a picture and then I saved her. 
Anastasia has also learned another trick. She can kneel! The first time she did it Heidi Anne exclaimed "Mom, look! Anastasia is doing the marriage proposal pose! You know, kneeing." I laughed at that and replied,"Do you mean kneeling?" Heidi Anne says, "Yes, kneeling. But I like marriage proposal pose better." A reminder for me that my children are always watching and taking in more than they show.

Well, March has been a rough month for us. A car accident, a totaled car, insurance changes, finding new doctors / providers. Char quitting at one of his jobs, he's been working 60+ hours per week for over 2 years. He had to quit or he'd burn out and we worked too hard to get through nursing school. Plus, he's applying to school for his BSN (bachelors of nursing degree). It would be hard to go to school while working over 60 hours per week. All in all a difficult month. 
Here's a Doctor Who quote that helps to keep me positive during the rough patches. I want to be a good story my children tell my grandchildren. That even when times were tough we still had fun, mom stayed happy, every day was a little adventure, victory, or milestone. 
P.S. Spring break starts for Heidi Anne right NOW. We're going to try some inexpensive stay-cation ideas my friend Valerie gave us. You can follow her blog at . 

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