Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Plants, New Car, New House?

Last Wednesday Char bought some semi-succulents for me as an early Mother's Day gift. Heidi Anne, Char, and I replanted them into more roomy containers. Heidi Anne had a lot of fun with this little project and decided 1 plant was hers. Also she thought all 4 plants needed a name. Here she is with her plant named Angel. It has little veins that look like angel wings. 
This one is Icing because the white lines are raised up and in zig zag lines like a frosted cake. They are joined by Spike and Goldie. (Sadly, no pictures). 

Rory finally starts ABA therapy in May. He'll be going 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. In addition to ABA he'll have at least an hour of speech therapy every 2 weeks (insurance only allows 20 visits a year, insert sad face) otherwise it would be once a week. His Early Intervention once a week. He'll be a busy boy. 
Rory is lining everything he can in a row more and more often. Especially his cars. For Easter he got identical Matchbox cars that he likes to pair together when he lines those up. 
We just heard back from Geico regarding our 1 and only car. They've deemed it a total loss. We decided we've reached a point in our lives that we need a minivan. That way there would be room for 2 big booster seats without squishing Heidi Anne. We even have room to spare for friends. 

We learned why Anastasia can kneel down but can't sit down like an average baby. It's because she had 3 surgeries in 1 back in August of last year. It's left behind scar tissue which makes sitting with her legs out put pressure on her abdomen which causes her pain. But when kneeling or standing she uses her back and the support of her legs more and her abdominal muscles less. Resulting in less pain. 
Anastasia is also starting to teeth 2 bottom teeth. Which makes her bite, a lot. She won't bite Daddy, but she has no problem biting Rory or me. Not angry biting, but just crawls up and bites me. I tell her "No Bite!" but she just keeps doing it. I guess I taste good?  

Heidi Anne is in an arts and crafts after school program. Here is a mosaic she made of the sun and the sky. She loves doing arts and crafts. She worked on another project where they worked on shading objects properly. The teacher looked at her artwork, held it up for everyone to see and announced "Everybody, we have an artist in the class!" Heidi Anne felt so proud of herself. 
Rory is very sick with his first real illness. We took him to the InstaCare where he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a very red, sore looking throat. He also has a fever up to 102 F, a nasty cough and raspy breathing. The doctor didn't check for strep or other aliments since the double ear infection qualified him for antibiotics.  

In other news, we (most likely) bought a house. We'll be back in Utah, which will be nice since all of Rory's therapies are down there. In fact, we'll be just a mile away from where we lived in Ogden and less than a block away from Heidi Anne's old school, (which will be her new school). 

We plan on moving in the middle of May so Heidi Anne will have to finish out the school year back her new (old) school. She is super excited to move back to the same area. Splash pads, fun trails, parks galore. It should be a fun summer this year.