Thursday, April 20, 2017

Deer vs, Car and Anastasia's First (Real) Easter

Let's start this week off on the day that things got, interesting. Wednesday morning around 6:00 am to be exact. 

I get a call from Char saying he had just been hit by a deer. It darted out of the darkness, he saw a blur in the side of the light from the headlights. BAM! Hit by deer. He's (sadly) hit a deer before, which did some serious body damage but still the car survived. He expected no less from this incident, in fact, this time he was in an SUV. He made it a few miles when the engine started smoking. 

He called the towing company and alerted the police of the accident. (Which we're going to get a $1,000 bill for the dead deer from the DNR). Char thought that he would just be taken back to Wyoming like last time. Unfortunately, he was taken to a small Utah town called Coalville. Where he was promptly stranded and with a dwindling phone battery. 

I called his Dad around 7 am and asked if he could pick up Char. His dad was pretty much Char's only hope of getting home. Char was rescued around 8:30 and they went to Park City to try to rent a car. They arrived around 9:00 am just to discover all the cars are already rented OR getting an oil change. Furthermore, none of their cars would be available until 12:30 pm at the earliest. 

They choose to rent a car in SLC instead of leaving Char to wait around for over 3 hours. By the time they arrived in SLC Char had been up for nearly 30 hours straight. He couldn't make the 2.5 hour drive back home. They got a car rented and Char just followed his dad home and slept and spent the day and the night there. Because he had an early morning appointment in Ogden the next morning.
On Thursday Heidi Anne broke out in a rash at school. It got to the point that it was worrying the school nurse (who knew they still existed?). The nurse called me and told me how the rash was spreading before her very eyes. Well, I was stranded, without a car or a rental, because Char was in Utah. I didn't even have a stroller, because it was in the car, which was still stuck in Coalville! Luckily, my friend Amber rescued Heidi Anne and brought her home for me. 

On Friday Heidi Anne was going with her Aunt E, cousins, Grandma and Grandpa to see the Broadway production of The Lion King down in SLC. When we got to Aunt E's house everyone was dressed up. I dug out Heidi Anne's Easter dress from the bottom of the suit case so she could match them.  
Char had work all weekend and activities were planned, thus we would be spending all weekend at Grandma's house. I spent the afternoon alone with the babies at Grandma's house. Rory watched Moana and played with a school bus while Anastasia pulled herself up into a standing position on everything she could.
Rory loved pushing the button that made the school bus make noise. Anastasia kept trying to steal it from Rory whenever standing up got to boring for her. When Grandma and Grandpa came home they had brought the cousins for a sleep over with them. Heidi Anne loved it. 

On Saturday we all had special breakfast of french toast and waffles. Then when it got warm enough the girls all went out the play. Soon Rory went out to join them once he noticed they were playing with bubbles. He tried so hard to be like the big kids and blow his own bubbles. He had a good time popping them. 
Meanwhile, Grandma packed the eggs with treats like candy and little toys. Then Grandma took Rory with her to go hide the eggs. 
Around 10:30 all the cousins, aunts, and uncles (minus Aunt S) had arrived. A short time later the hunt was on. Heidi Anne and Cousin A got the most eggs. 
Rory could care less about hunting for eggs. He wanted to jump on the tramp alone while everyone was hunting around. Then he went and played in the sandbox. I put Anastasia in the swing, which she enjoyed, to keep an eye on Rory in the sandbox. 
On Easter Sunday we were going to have a big family dinner, but Rory had reached critical mass. He suffered meltdown after meltdown. It just wasn't his day. Unfortunately, we left before dinner. 

We came home and gave the kids their Easter treats. I saw this cool thing on pintrest, where you fold beach towels into bunnies. That gave me the idea to get the kids each a beach towel, swim suit, bubbles and candy for Easter. I think it went over pretty well. We'll use them a lot this summer once we live close to a splash pad again.