Friday, January 27, 2017

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A New Word?
Rory has started to say Mlk. Milk, without the "i" sound and glazes over the "l" sound. It often sounds like "Mk". This is amazing! This would be the first new word since he was 16 months old. Yeah Rory!
Anastasia can say Mama, Dada, and baba. She babbles continuously. I can't say for sure but I think I have a chatter box on my hands. Sometimes I think she's here to talk enough to make up for Rory's lack of communication.

Rory's ENT Doctor Appointment
Rory has a slight problem with his eye, it gets goopy every time he gets congested. Sometimes it shuts his eye or makes it look like pink eye (which it's not). 
We took him to an ophthalmologist where he referred us to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor). He felt since his eye only gets goopy when he is congested made it an ENT issue. 

We finally had his ENT appointment where this doctor feels like since it's his eye, it's an ophthalmologist problem. The ball is now back in the eye doctor's court. 

The Good Idea
Rory needed to get more fruit and veggies in his diet. But due to his texture aversions it's nearly impossible to get him to eat them. It doesn't matter how I cook / serve them, ALL of it ends up on the floor. 
Well, Anastasia is starting to eat solid food. That's when the idea finally hit me. He can use the stuff she eats. Her pouch baby food! It's filled with weird food combinations that a toddler somehow finds delightful. Honestly; a carrots, apples, and mangoes puree sounds so good to me. NOT! Perhaps separated? Oh, maybe as a nice cool smoothie. But a warm package? No thanks! 

BUT the important thing is HE likes it. How do I know? It doesn't end up splattered all over the floor. He even opens his mouth for more, which Anastasia learned from him. I feel like I'm feeding baby birds when they both open their mouths for more food at the same time. Anastasia is more vocal and will add screeches if she feels ignored for to long. (Which just intensifies the baby bird atmosphere).  

The Busy Day
I should have known it was going to be a busy day today. 
Heidi Anne has a case for her games, she's used to leaving it within reach of the babies because it's a hard case and is zipped shut. 

Apparently, Rory has learned how to unzip zippers. I did NOT
know this piece of information. I had my back turned to him while changing Anastasia's diaper. I look back to him and he is sitting calmly watching her game start up. 
I got a few pictures, because I'm a good mom like that. Then saved the game system from him and got him to watch Amazon Prime on my phone, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. I used to hate that show, until it helps calm Rory down. As do car/ truck/train videos. 

Anastasia has learned her name. You call her name, she looks for you, then gives you a big toothy grin. Almost every time.
There are times when she's trying to steal Rory's milk from him, she'll start by pulling his hair. Which makes Rory release the cup. Rory on the other hand, will respond to any name you call him. Which resulted in the following incident:

Rory was laying down, drinking his Ma Mlk (More Milk). Anastasia caught sight of his cup and began army crawling to pull his hair. Just as she was about to tug, I startled her by saying "Anastasia, no!" 
Poor Rory looked at me with such confusion and began to cry. He thought I was getting upset at him instead of trying to save him from Anastasia. I got an innocent and adorable look from her. Want to know the ironic thing? Anastasia had a half of a bottle of chocolate soy milk she was drinking from before she saw his cup. 
Today, I noticed Rory was playing with his train. Not just the wheels, but the whole train! He'd push it around in circles around him. He'd even let me play with him a little by pushing the train between us. Normally, he plays alone but today he let me share his world for a few minutes. It was heaven!
As I was tucking Rory into bed I went through our normal routine of saying "Tell (insert name or object) bye bye, night night.", as we walk down the hall and to anyone or anything we see. I've been doing this since he was born and am normally meet with silence. But I keep doing it.  

I was shocked when I said "Tell Heidi Anne bye bye." Rory promptly responded "Bye! Bye!" and even waved bye! We kept this up for 3 minutes. Just letting Heidi and Rory say "Bye, Bye" to each other. I got a little teary eyed when it happened. Afterwards, Heidi Anne was excited, saying over and over "Rory's trying to say he loves me! He said bye to me!!"

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