Monday, January 9, 2017

Heidi Anne's Week at Grandma's

Heidi Anne spent a week at Grandma's, between Polar Express and Christmas Eve, Eve. Here are her adventures at Grandma's that week, as she remembers them. So the actual day and activity maybe slightly off. I guess this would be her first blog post! 

December 19-I helped Grandma watch Cousin G and wrapped presents. 

December 20-Grandma and I got our hair cut. There was an Elf on the Shelf at the saloon kicking a snowman's carrot nose. (Which Heidi Anne thought was super funny.) 
We went and saw Aunt S at work and peeked at the gingerbread house she made. Then we went to the Corner Bakery for lunch. I spent the rest of the day making crafts and wrapping more presents. 

December 21-I shoveled the driveway! I went to the post office and bank with Grandpa. Then we meet up with Grandma at Subway and had Subway for lunch. Then we went shopping. I spent a lot of time outside and played in the snow trying to build a fort. 

December 22-Grandma had a doctor appointment so I stayed at home with Grandpa. After the doctor's appointment Grandma and I went shopping at IKEA. It was a maze of a store. 

I made some more crafts for people as gifts. I also helped Grandma watch Cousin G. 

December 23-You (Mommy) and the babies came to Grandma's (and I quote) "You know what happened that day."

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