Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kezia's Heidi Anne Adventure!

My friend Lela has two adorable little girls! Kezia is three years old and Amelia is roughly 18 months old.  Kezia is three-years-old and has been a fan of this blog since she was born. Kezia this post is dedicated to you!
The Far Right Building was ours
I've been friends with Lela for seven years. When I first got married and moved to Cache Valley, Lela was a classmate of Char's (in many of his classes) and became one of my first friends in Logan. A few months after we moved in she moved in the apartment below us.  (I still feel bad about our apartment flooding her's that one time).
The layout of Aggie Village

Kezia has been wanting a Heidi Anne adventure of her own for such a long time but we lived in Cache Valley and they lived in the Salt Lake Valley. Lela's husband is in the military so he is frequently overseas. Lela is very involved with support our troops organizations and travels frequently with her two girls. Saturday was their lucky day! We got to bring the girls to our house for a play date! According to Heidi Anne "Kezia is here to play with me but we are babysitting Amelia because she is a baby."
We drove down to pick them up and Heidi Anne sang songs with Kezia and played Peek-A-Boo with Amelia the whole drive back home. The back seat was filled with little girls' giggles and made up songs. The first thing the girls did when we got home was to dump out all the baby toys. Everyone had fun playing with the toys, watching and singing Tangled, making each other laugh in the process.
We had some waffles for lunch, I forgot how much a little baby can eat! Kezia wouldn't take off her cute pink jacket, she wasn't cold, she just liked it snuggling her. After we ate lunch I thought Kezia and Heidi Anne would like to play without Amelia. Amelia stayed with me in the living room while the girls played in Heidi Anne's room. 
Thus began a new game for Amelia. We would be happily playing in the living room when she would get this grin. Quick as a wink she would get up, run to the hall, (wait for me to follow), then start booking it for Heidi Anne's room, laughing the whole time. I would pick her up and she would smile and do a pretend "Eeek!". Then it would start over.  
I love this picture below, I went to check on the girls, came back and Amelia had this surprised face of "Wait. How did you get here first!?!" 

I didn't get many pictures of Heidi Anne and Kezia playing together. They would hide when I tried to get a picture. They had fun playing camping, kitchen, house, doll house, collecting leaves, and getting into the "snow" when I tried to put Amelia down for a nap. I was worried Kezia wasn't having much fun since she wouldn't talk to me much, apparently she had a wonderful time. I know Heidi Anne was in high heaven and now wants some sisters, which would be fun. I'm Not announcing anything!

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