Thursday, January 19, 2012

On a Big Girl Bike

With the lovely warm weather we've been having Heidi Anne was able to use her favorite Santa Christmas surprise. The Big Girl Bike, with 2 wheels, training wheels, and a pretty pincess helmet to match. The bike has been in our living room near the front door (like a puppy that needs to go out) just waiting for a day like today.

It was a warm 40-ish degress (yeah, sad that's warm to her-I think she withers in 90 degree weather). However, it was "warm", no snow or ice on the side walk, and it was a Staurday. Finally, Heidi Anne had her perfect bike day. So when she asked "Daddy, can we go ride my bike today?" How could he say no?

We learned a few things.

1.  She's already good at riding a "Big Girl" bike with training wheels. That girl is FAST!
2. She can only go straight--she hasn't quite gotten the hang of "turns" yet.
3. It's funny to watch her book it down the sidewalk, but then be at a complete standstill until Daddy catches up to her to help her turn. Then to watch it over and over. Until......
4. She comes in and wanted her Trike so she could have a bike at each end of the sidewalk. That way "I can still ride a bike while Daddy fixes the Big Girl one."  We were able to convince her that the Trike is great for now because she can turn around on the Trike and Not have to wait for Daddy.
--It Worked, for now...we maynot be so lucky next time.

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