Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year Goals

We came up with some New Year Goals. I am not a fan of "resoultions" because they always seem to fail. You resolved to do something for the new year and fail-you have to wait another year.
Goals, however, can be attempted over and over. You can get support for your goals and it doesn't mean you have to meet the goal 100% to make an improvement for yourself.
Which new year resoltions should be about-just improving things about yourself or your interactions with others.

So our new years goals (in no order of sigificatice-minus the first one) are:

~ No More ER Visits--Or at least make it until March...
As of the 15th I failed to reach this goal. Oh well, maybe the next step is to just go 12 weeks without a hospital visit and go from there.

~Make 24 (2 a Month) Pillowcases for 1 Million Pillowcases...
I love this project. It's for One Million Pillowcases-people make pillowcases and donate them to childrens' hospitals, wounded soliders, nursing homes, and distater reflife. Being in a hospital everything is just plan, boring, sterile, and oddly enough lifeless. So people make pretty pillowcases, some very elebrorate, just a little something with color, for the patient to keep.
If anyone else wants a good charity or service project to do-might I recommend this one. :)
~Make 4 Quilts (1 a Quarter)
 I want to make 4 quilts. Be they for family or to donate to the NICU (another project I had heard about). This one people can make little sized quilts for the Premie Babies. The little quilts protect their isolates and are theirs to keep.
~Make Cordinating Dresses
 I want to make Heidi Anne and K-Bug cordinating or matching (haven't decided yet). We have a picture of us at their age in matching dresses that our Granny made for us. I want to re-create that picture right down to the dresses.
~Cut Back on my New Fabic Addition
 I have a feeling that by the time I really get into all these projects, I will have developed a fabic addition-which I will need to quit. So I am throwing this one in for good measure.
~Family Game Night
 Thanks to Christmas and the fact that Heidi Anne is now "Recommened for Ages 3 and Up" we can play a family game at least once a week. She already LOVES Quess Who and Memory. Bring on the Cooties, Candy Land, and Connect 4. (Lots of kid games start with "C"--I think it's a Monopoly).
~Less Video Game Time By Daddy
This will mainly pick up in the spring / summer. Betting when I start tending to my sewing acitddition-I will be cranky and make him play less video games (which will have gotten worse due to my sewing.) So basicly, more outside time in good weather and less indoor-ish activies.  
~Find Ballet for Heidi Anne and keep it up
Yeah-we are 1/2 way there. We got her into a ballet class, and I love it so far. The next step is keeping up with it (since at this age it requires a lot of perental involvement / encouragement). She also needs to practice roughly 5-10 mins a day. SO again, basicly being involved and enouraging her-while making it as much fun as the teacher.
~Finsh the Bible in 1 Year--Bouns Points if Heidi Anne listens
My friend at work did this last year with her husband. So I know this one can be done-not easily, but knowing that another family has done it (a few times too) lets me know it IS doable. Bounus points if Heidi Anne listens in. We won't make her read with us, she's 3 and we know her attention span. If she happens to join and listen then yeah if not, no worries.

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