Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Girl Car Seat

We got Heidi Anne a big girl car seat, because she had learned to unbuckle herself in the old one. Scary new trick that deserved a new car seat. She loves her new car seat, and we brought in the old one, which she loves to use as her own chair in the house.
Here she is trying out the car seat before we put in the car.

Below is her first time in the car seat in the car. She is doing her cheesy camera smile. She does this now everytime she sees the camera. We can't get her to stop for the life of us. Where did she learn it?

Here she is playing with her old car seat. She likes to climb in it and rock back and forth. Or she just sits and reclines. It's so funny to watch.

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  1. AWWW she looks so cute! I like the seat. I can see more tiny curls coming out!


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