Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Finally, able to tell about our Labor Day weekend, Ahhh, playing catch up!
We went to Char's sister's Sarah's house to help out with her yard. We went down at 9-ish in the morning and got there around 10. Since no one was there, Char helpped himself to the backyard. Just Kidding. He just cut open the back fence to bring the tiller
around. It made such a funny picture, I had to take it! Him in his sun glasses, and dark shirt. It was too much to pass up!
He got right to work tilling the whole backyard. It took about two or so hours.
Heidi was having fun in the dirt.
She enjoyed supervising everyone's work as well. She had a blast playing with Sarah's dog Mae, playing with bubbles, crawling in the dirt, rocking in the rocking chair, playing with her grandparents, she "helped" moe the lawn, and just plain wandering around. After many hours of hardwork we had a barbacue.
Heidi Anne also learned a new word, "Rarah!!"
When we were inside She kept pointing outside to Sarah and saying, "Rarah!"

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