Monday, August 10, 2009

My Little Daredevil

If you remember, about 4 or so months ago I had to use the bathroom, and came back to the great wipe escaped. After a few chuckles and some candid picture taking I learned my lesson.
Or so I thought, for now I put everything on a fairly high shelf. But she outsmarted me again, for when I had to leave her in the childproof living room for a moment, I came back to find this... So I am just waiting for a baby power or Destine mess in about 3-4 months! :) Hope I have my camera then too!
In case you were not aware, I do not have just any little girl with beautiful blue eyes and pretty little blonde curls, I have a daredevil in disguise. I have proof in this little video of her climbing up the stairs to chase the cats. I think her plan was to "read" to them but it became a chase. However, blogspot won't let me post it. So some pictures will have to do. Here she is at the base of the down stairs....Now she is at the landing, half way there.... Then coming around the bend at the 3/4ths mark! Notice our boring stairs, and her cruising along?
Wish you could see the video, as you can see she is giggling the whole way, but soo much cuter to hear it! Especially her victory laugh once she got to the top! She doesn't look one bit happy at all does she? ;)
We got her a new toddler bed, since she tried so hard to get out of her crib. I just took this picture of her! I guess even little angels need some sleep. (Notice the pile of mats by her bed...another one of her many daily adventures.)

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