Monday, August 17, 2009

Any Good Books??

I have a little spear time, but I am looking for some good book suggestions.....
Now I am leaning more towards the mind candy if you will-- (Not really liking the though of the Adult Classics (Jane Austin-ish, Grapes of Wrath, deep messages type things)
-However, Children's Classics's I am open too, anything from Skippy Jon Jones to Anne of Green Gables. (Since Heidi Anne loves to be read aloud.)
-I have read pretty near every Orson Scott Card, Michael Crichton, Stephanie Myers (yeap all 5 of her books).
-I have read a ton of WWII journals and biography's from the home front to all the theaters, and even more recent tales, for example The Lone Survivor (which could make anyone cry).
I am in a slight reading rut and could use a little insight into other authors out there. Amazon is pretty good at Suggestions, but thought other people might have some nice insight as well.

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