Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun little weekend. We were going to have a wienie roast, however, the weather didn't let us. (I hear a rumor that metal & lightening don't mix). So we had hot dogs inside where the weather is a bit more under control.
Breadin was funny this weekend. Just asking questions like "How do you get a cousin removed? And who decides whose the first one removed and then the second?" It made us laugh.
We have a tradition of putting flowers on the graves without any flowers on them. We tend to go in the afternoon, so we don't freak out any surviving family that might come. This year we got some pink carnations and put them on the graves of little children that didn't have any flowers or that looked like they have been completely forgotten about over the decades. We cleaned up a few that were almost completely obscured by the mud and grass as well. It's a nice way to remember those that don't have anyone around anymore.
Afterwards we went and got some ice cream to help us cool off. Yeah ice cream!!

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