Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Potato Pie

All Heidi Anne will eat right now is Sweet Potatoes. We now call her Sweet Potato Pie!!
We try to get her to eat other foods, banana's, apples, you name it we try it. And she promptly spits it out. Even at daycare, they told us this story of how they tried to feed her applesauce and rice, but after the first bite she wouldn't have anymore of it. So they gave her a bite of sweet potatoes, and then tried to get her a bite of applesauce, which Heidi Anne wouldn't even try. She's just too smart.
Lucky for us, there are a lot of sweet potato mixes out there. Sweet Potato Puffs, Sweet Potatoes & Corn, Sweet Potatoes & Turkey, Chicken, Apples, Ham, you name it we mix it or it comes
pre-mixed. Hmmm at least there is verity. If not maybe we can make some up. Sweet potatoes and pineapple pears anyone? No?

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