Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rory's Party and Weekend at Grandma's

Everyone (but Char since he had work) spent the weekend at Grandma's and celebrated Rory's birthday. We got down there on Friday afternoon and the weather was perfect for playing outside with the cousins. Rory discovered a lot of sticks and the sandbox in Grandma's backyard. He had tons of fun exploring the outdoors! Rory discovered the trampoline's magical powers thanks to Cousin H's help. She would gently bounce whenever he came on the tramp.
Grandma brought out Rowan's birthday gift a little early, a ride on car, for him to play with. At first he couldn't propel himself, therefore, someone would have to push Rory. He'd smile so big when anyone would move him around. (The pictures are a little blurred because I was holding Anastasia while taking them outside) 
After we played outside we came in to play some more. The girls played lots of games. One of them was dress up using things from Grandma's around the world travels. Here's Heidi Anne in head-dress from the Middle East. The girls (minus baby Anastasia) played for hours on end. Anastasia crawled around the place. 
Heidi Anne would pause her games to come push Rory around and try to teach him to move the car by himself. She's such a good big sister. Something eventually clicked and he began to move backwards, but slowly learned to go in whichever direction he choose. Later that night we had pizza for dinner and the cousins had to go home. 
Saturday morning was busy! Heidi Anne helped make French toast for breakfast. Where Rory accidentally threw a plate, (which shattered). Later Heidi Anne went to the store with Grandma to get supplies for Rory's party and to pick up a party guest, Cousin G. Since I have a nasty latex allergy, Rory's never really seen balloons before. He got super excited when he found the Mylar balloons in the living room. He excitedly bopped them, held them down then giggled as he watched them float "magically" back towards the ceiling. 

Family began trickling in for the party around Noon. Just in time for the barbecue lunch. There were corn dogs baked in the oven, hot dogs and hamburgers / veggie burgers. It was such nice weather (in the 60's) we were able to eat outside. Since it gets rather cold at night, we weren't bothered by any flies or bees. 
After lunch we came inside to open presents. Rory hasn't gotten the hang of unwrapping gifts. Heidi Anne or myself would assist him. He got a farm puzzle, a dinosaur puzzle, and one that makes sounds of different vehicles like; fire engines, trains, motorcycles, ect. 
He also got a stuffed frog and a book, to share with Anastasia since their birthdays and ages are close together. Oh and a magic color pad, all you need is water in a special marker and the black and white page is filled with colors and pictures. (Sorry there aren't more pictures, I was juggling Anastasia and the camera). 
After presents came cake! Well, cupcakes to be more precise. Which has been our tradition since Heidi Anne's first birthday. Rory just licked the frosting off his cupcake, then grabbed another one before anybody could stop him and licked the frosting off of that, too. He tried for a third but was intercepted. That little boy got chocolate frosting everywhere on his hands and face! 
After cake almost everyone had to get going. Heidi Anne went to go spend the night with Cousin A. Rory spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening playing with Cousin G. Just as the kiddos were finishing up their dinners, Cousin G's parents came to get him. They brought my new niece (from now on Baby Cousin E) with them. She was adorable! I didn't get a chance to hold her because Anastasia wouldn't let me. In fact, Anastasia was super clingy to me this weekend. Maybe next time I see them I'll get to hold Baby Cousin E for a bit (if Anastasia let's me). 

Funny Story: We drove home Sunday after we picked up Heidi Anne from her sleepover with cousin A. The long drive was a more difficult then usual, because I had the balloons blocking my review mirror and the sound puzzle would randomly play sirens! Therefore, I never knew for sure if it was a real emergency vehicle trying to get my attention or just the puzzle. I kept envisioning my self getting an evasion from police charge. Not to mention just how ridiculous it would sound to say "But officer, I thought you were my son's puzzle acting up again, I promise!" 

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