Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rory's 2ND Birthday

Rowan can't really open presents, or if he does he fixates on the new toy and the other gifts are left forgotten until he tires of the toy. Knowing this we did an experiment. We put all his unwrapped birthday gifts in a big box. We let him open the box and see all the new toys. He excitedly pulled them out of the box and handed them to us to get out of the packaging. Wait for it to be opened, then still got fixated on the toy. So we had to bring out another present for him ourselves. Might not have been traditional, but it worked out perfectly for him. 

We got him some matchbox cars.
His own toy plane (he loves the one his language therapist brings for him to play with). 
helicopter because he loves to make the propellers spin. 
The plane and helicopter turned out bigger than expected. But that's what you get with online shopping. Better then smaller than expected. 
Here are the girls watching him open presents. 
Anastasia looking with glee at all the new toys that she'll inevitably get to play with. 

We made a chocolate cake for him. Unlike last year, he LOVED the cake. He got so messy. Next week we're going to have a little extended family party with his cousins. It'll be his biggest birthday party yet. 
I don't know what causes autism, (there are theories a plenty), to be honest we may never know. To me, it's like closing the barn door once the horse is out. My only son already has autism. So we adapt. In 2 weeks he starts ABA therapy. We'll travel 2 hours a day, every week day,until we move (in like 3 months), for a 3-4 hour session. Per DAY.
Which I'm honestly excited for. That was my gift for his birthday.

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