Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

Our weekend started on Friday with an early morning physical therapy appointment for Anastasia. What is a physical therapy appointment like with an almost 7 month old? You basically pay for someone to make your baby cry. Okay, a little dramatic but true.

The therapist is super sweet and Anastasia likes her. We start out by stretching and messaging  Stacy's neck muscles because they are so tight. Which she is fine with. (Honestly, who would pass up a message)? Next, we try to find some toys to engage her with, today was a light up wand. We've tried musical toys, rattles, light up toys, but the thing she likes the most is just plain talking. She is such a talkative baby since her hernias were repaired. 

Once we have some toys, I show the therapist how I've been doing her exercises at home and she gives me some critics. We take some measurements to see how many degrees Anastasia can turn her neck, if there is any improvement in her skull shape (there wasn't), if she's cheating (which she does that sneaky little girl), Then the therapist does the same exercises I did, only the proper way. 
Some Exercises 
Today, the therapist added some new exercises. Anastasia just isn't making the headway she would like to see. It's around this time in the session Anastasia is getting pushed to her breaking point. It's hard because I know it's good for her in the long run but you can't explain "It's okay, we just need to do this 5 more times and we can take a break." I still tell her those things even though she doesn't understand me. I think it's more for my benefit and to remind myself that her pain is temporary. Especially when Anastasia pulls the big pouty lip complete with welling up tears. 

If we lived in Utah, or even just a bigger city, someone would be coming in twice a week to do this process for nearly an hour each time (in addition to what I do on a daily basis with her). Anastasia would be able to tolerate it more because she would be in a familiar home environment. Since we're in Wyoming we drive 2 hours once a week for a 30-45 minute appointment. I really wish we could do the in home therapy. 
On Saturday we went to Swiss Days as a family. I'm trying to do as much before winter (by default RSV season) rolls in. Heidi Anne wanted everyone to wear blue for some reason and I just went with it. 

We drove down and parked in a big field, which was packed. There was a LONG line just for the shuttle to take us to the actual location for Swiss Days. Heidi was excited to ride the bus because it's like the one that took her to Disneyland. Rory's face was to die for once we took off, he looked around as if to say "No carseat? This ride is fun!!" I sang The Wheels on the Bus to him. 

Once we get there everyone was hungry. We decided to go get scones. Which meant waiting in another line. Heidi Anne once again said "This is just like Disneyland! There are long lines for everything!" I guess that means we can check Disneyland off the things to do, we've got the wait in lines experience down.

It took 26 minutes, but we finally got those scones (which were HUGE). I only know how long it took because the man behind us kept stating loudly how many minutes he'd been waiting. As if by stating this fun fact would somehow it would make the line move faster. 

It was Rory's first scone. He was skeptical when we first gave him a piece. He took a little nibble, his eyes got wide, then he promptly shoved the rest of the bite in his mouth. He ate nearly half of a scone by himself. 

Once everyone had their fill of delicious scones we walked around the booths. I just love going to craft fairs, it's fun to see how creative people are. I saw an adorable rag doll that I thought Anastasia might like for Christmas. But this little rag doll was over $30!! There was a surprising amount of doll related booths this year. Heidi Anne loved looking at the pretty doll clothes. 

We spent nearly 2 hours browsing around admiring the different works of art. We found a lovely metal art work that fit our time in Wyoming perfectly. I love how the hooks are made from old horse shoes. It'll be by our front door for everyone's bags. 

After we got our craft it was time to head home. We then waited in line (again) for the bus to take us back to the parking lot. Then we headed back home. 

Char had work on Labor Day but we still had some fun. We had a barbecue (problem the last one of the season). Then spent family time watching a movie. 

All in all, it was a nice vacation. 

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