Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet the Stampy Family

Heidi Anne has recently devloped an obession with Elephants. I think she's had it for awhile since we've had Stampy (Char got him when his parents took a trip to Africa). Heidi Anne named him stampy.

Char's Elephant-- "Stampy"
For some reason, we are pretty sure it's since she went to the Zoo and saw the baby elephants and the whole elephant family, she is now in LOVE with elephants.
At the Zoo

Nana and Gampa just took another trip to Africa and brought back these two elephants for her. Which she adores. She deiced these were Stampy's kids- a little boy and girl.
The Boy-Kenny
The Girl-Nairobi

She was so sad that they didn't have a Momma. So we got her yearly Christmas ornament a little early. Each year she gets a new Christmas ornament, so far it's been something that expresses her personality of that year or something she really likes. I really thought she would get / want something Ballerina themed. Nope, we  went on a search and rescue mission. Amazingly we found an Elephant ornament at a craft store at a very cheap price-I am happy to announce that the Stampy Family now have a Momma. 

Kissing the Momma-Momma Stampy
Who knows where this may lead to. Dancing Ballerina Elephants?

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