Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Made It To Arlington

My Granny was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery today. I wasn't able to go, however, my Aunt Deb and GrandDad were there. My Aunt sent me an e-mail afterwords. Here is some of what it read:
The service was so much more than I had expected. Mom got full military honors - a 21-gun salute, taps were played, and an honor guard. You would have thought she left the Army yesterday not 57 years ago. The Army chaplain did a very nice talk based on things we told him about Mom. Dad placed her box of ashes in a wall where her place is covered with a marble rectangle that will be engraved with her name. It was a bit difficult for him but he was determined to do it himself. There is enough room for Dad when it's time. The grounds are beautiful and shut off from the general public, but family members can go in her section. Aunt Mary Lou & Uncle Marvin and Uncle Don & Uncle Bill came. Uncle Marvin video taped the service; I'll burn CD's when I get one. Dad did really well, but was extremely tired.

I've heard a saying, "I wasn't a hero, but I served in the company of heroes". This has always made me thing of my family, I come from a family were military service is practically family tradition. I always knew my Granny was a hero (and my GrandDad too) I am so proud that she continues to be in the presents of greatness, and that now everyone else knows she was a hero as well. But knowing them, they most likely see themselves as just having serve their country and are honered to be among other American heros.

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