Sunday, October 23, 2016

This is (Almost) Halloween!!

All Together!!
When we lived in Logan we had three fun Halloween activities we'd do every year: 
1. We'd go to a pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins. 
2. We'd go through a corn maze, during the day to be more Heidi Anne friendly.
3. We'd go to the Logan Pumpkin Walk. 
4. We'd paint our pumpkins. Because Me+Knives= Bad News

Well, we haven't done any of those things since we moved from Logan. Mainly, Char was back in school, then we had a 9 month old baby and I was having a rough pregnancy. I decided we'd try to bring back the traditions since Heidi Anne misses them and I want to continue them for the babies. 
Sadly, there are no corn mazes or pumpkin walks here in this part of Wyoming. I did find a pick your pumpkin that had a hay maze. While not a corn maze, it's a start. I'm easing back into adventures now that Anastasia can participate, with in reason. (We promised Heidi Anne and the babies that next year we'll go to a real corn maze). 
Regardless of what grain the maze was constructed from the kids were excited. We went at around 1 PM, after naps had been taken and the kids were feed. The weather was beautiful, sunny and in the low 60's. I pushed Anastasia in 1 stroller while Char pushed Rory in the other. Heidi Anne would walk between the strollers. Thus, making a family caravan through the hay maze. 
We decided to take our time, get lost, and get pictures of the different "scares". The babies seemed to enjoy the walk/ They were content, if nothing else, through the maze.We completed the maze in like 10/15 minutes even with meandering. 
Since the maze wasn't busy (only one other group of people were there at the same time as us). The maze people let Heidi Anne go through it again. She started out by herself but quickly turned back around to us. So Char watched the babies while I took her through the maze for some 1 on 1 time. After we finished, she promptly went through it again, but alone this time. My brave girl.
While Heidi Anne and I were in the maze Char played with Rory in the pumpkin patch. Char also saved some pumpkins on a display table. You see, Rory has this viewpoint that NOTHING should be on a table or table like surface. He will knock everything down until the table is cleared. 
After Rory "cleared" the display table of their pumpkins he found 2 toy dump trucks. They promptly became his new favorite thing. Yeap, more fun then clearing a pumpkin display. (Note to self: Dump Trucks = Christmas idea?) 
Once Heidi Anne completed the maze on her own we picked out our pumpkin. In Logan we'd go to a field and pull the pumpkin right from the vine. Today they were just in a little area for you to grab. I even got into the spirit and had my picture taken in the patch.
Then we ran to the store because Heidi wanted window clings to decorate our house for Halloween and I wanted a pumpkin pie for some unknown reason. Char put on a "Jason" / hockey mask at the store. Rory freaked out poor guy. It took some time to console him. 

Later that night Heidi Anne had hives up and down her legs. We believe she's developed and allergy to hay. Poor girl, to say she was uncomfortable barely describes it. 
Here is Heidi Anne's pumpkin painting creation:
Side 1
Side 2 

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