Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's In a Name Part 3

I started this with Heidi Anne, where I explain the meanings and reasons why we named our children the way we did. Now it's Anastasia Sonia Rose's turn. 

I wanted her name to start with an "A" like Heidi's real name, Adeliede. I have just loved the name Anastasia (which means Rebirth /Resurrection). We poured through baby books and online trying different names but I kept going back to Anastasia. I also love the stories of Czar Nicholas II youngest daughter Anastasia. She was a tomboy who didn't let a leg deformity slow her down. I guess I just admire that strength of character.  

Sonia means wisdom. But mainly Sonia is after my Granny, Corporal Sonia Ann May. It just seemed right since Anastasia was born on my Granddad's birthday. Granny was married to my Granddad for nearly 60 years. When I think of loving lasting relationships I always think of them. I remember being 18 and visiting them, if my Granddad and I went into town he would always bring her back a little treat, just as he had always done for decades. I just wanted a way to bring the two together for that special day. 


The Sonia Rose (my Granny's favorite rose) is why we added rose to her name. It's a light pink rose which symbolizes grace, elegance, sweetness and gentleness. To me a rose is pretty yet has a "don't mess with me" nature about it. 

Heidi thinks it's Rose from Doctor Who. Which is a good character to emulate, however, that's not why we named her Rose. Just in case she tells you that. 

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