Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's Christmas! It's Christmas!!
Have you never noticed how Christmas Morning kids wake up very, very early with unlimited energy? Normally, we have to drag Heidi Anne out of bed. Well at 6:00 AM we were awoken by this little girl whispering "Wake up, it's Christmas." Our feelings are, if we woke up our parents on Christmas Day, then chances are, she will wake us early as well. Since we were spending the night at his parent's home, we kept her occupied by playing "What do you think Santa left for you?"
I hear people downstairs! Let's Go!!!
At 6:30 AM she couldn't wait anymore. We went to check and see if anyone else was awake. She happily reported to us "PopPop and Grandma are awake! Do you think Aunt Sarah is, too?" So with Heidi Anne being the line leader flew down the stairs chanting "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" 
She got hugs from her Aunt Sarah, Grandma, and Poppa. With some french toast. 
Ana Rose with her new sister Caroline
 One of the things Heidi Anne has been wanting for a while now is Caroline (one of the new AG dolls). She loves Caroline because she has pretty curled hair, blue eye, and she likes to play outside but still does sewing. Yes, I do read these books to her, so she really likes Caroline.
Opening presents
Anyways, you should have seen her face when she opened a present and there was a Caroline doll looking sweetly back at her. Priceless She was so excited when she opened some of her other gifts, which turned out to be some clothing and accessories for Caroline. Char has 4 sisters, when they were little girls that had at least 1 American Girl Doll (if not two). So Grandma knew how important it is for a little girl with a special doll like that needs some accessories. 
A dress for Caroline
Opening her gift very carefully
After we finished exchanging presents at Grandma's house we started to head home. We made one stop on our way. We went to exchange gifts with my sister's family. It was there that Heidi Anne was given her very first barbie doll-EVER! It was Barbie Cinderella and Prince Charming. Kailah was jumping up and down just waiting to see Heidi Anne open the Barbie doll. She loves it!
One of the gifts was a cute decoration for them, it reads "Cram Fam" (short for family). I've been working hard to make a jean quilt for them as well. They do car camping and outdoor activities  I figured that would like this quilt. It was a labor of love. I had received news recently that my sister's husband, Rhett, has pretty much commandeered it. I think I will make a special quilt just for her. 
The top of the Quilt

The front and back of my masterpiece
Fast forward two hours later. We were home and began opening our presents. Since there wasn't much to open Char wrapped EVERY, SINGLE gift in bubble wrap. We were lucky to get a picture of her face when she opened her first bubble wrapped property. Even though there wasn't much to open, it took quite some time to open those gifts. Another trick we did was to wrap each item in it's own package  So a pair of pajamas had the shirt in 1 box and the pants in another. It was one of the best Christmas' we've had. Family, friends, actvities, presents, and bubble wrap. What more could a 4 and a half year old want.
There is Bubble Wrap!!
Playing with the wrap and the present isn't even fully unwrapped

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