Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve Afternoon-My Family

The original plan had been for everyone to meet at Tucanos, take the Trax train to the new City Creek Mall, and then go see the lights. This is what actually happened.

Our adventure started with snow. Lots and lots of snow. We started to drive down to SLC to meet with my family at Tucanos. The snow was falling fast (at least 4 inches had fallen before noon) with big snowflakes all around. We started to go through the pass in nearly white out conditions. Just as we entered the canyon we saw the warning sign "Sever winter weather--Snow chains or 4 x 4 Wheels Required". We had neither. We had plans and family to see that we didn't want to miss. Slowly we entered canyon, surrounded by thick fog and whirling snow.Nearly 40 white knuckle minutes later we made it through the canyon. Once we were out the drive was fairly nice, compared to what we went through. To everyone else, I am sure it was just as nerve racking.

We meet my family at Tucanos Brazilian Grill (nearly 30 minutes later than planned but we made it!). We'd never been to a Brazilian grill before; in case you haven't either let me explain it to you. Every few minutes the waiters bring different barbecued meats, fruits  and veggies to every table. 

You then just pick what you want. There is an additional buffet with some American and Brazilian favorites, some of  my favorites that we tired were the barbecued pineapple, barbecued chicken, hearts of palm, fresh mozzarella balls. Heidi Anne LOVED the quail eggs, some sort of corn, the cheese rolls and the shrimpMy brother in law Rhett tried a roasted chicken heart, he said it was a little chewy. 
When we finished eating it was still snowing and cold outside and no one was sure on the Trax scheduled or cost, So everyone deiced to just meet up at City Creek. 
This was the first time any of us had ever been to City Creek. It spans nearly 2 blocks with mixed used dwellings. and a retractable ceiling, just like the ones found at football stadiums. It has a Tiffany's ! A huge Apple store, which was so packed because of Christmas Eve. 
We underestimated how big this place was. Naturally we got separated from each other. Char, Heidi Anne, and I just wandered around into different little stores window shopping until we found my sister's family. Heidi Anne found them first, she saw Kailah's coat by the water fountain from the other side of the street. The water fountain was synced to the music and would do a water and light show. It was fun to watch. At this point 8 of us were wandering around looking for the remaining 5 others. 
Trying to find 5 people in a 4 block radius during Christmas Eve is the ultimate wild goose chase. Sadly we never meet up with them. It was getting colder, darker, and the snow was falling faster and thicker. We walked around to see the lights. It got to cold and to slick. So we headed to have Christmas Eve Night

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