Monday, February 15, 2010

Chocolate Friday

A little info on where we work. It can get to be very stressful, we get very close to our co-workers / friends, we tend to do potlucks and other fun things. Oh did I mention we really go all out for holidays and farewells. Unlike most places, the farewells are on happy notes, normally its because someone or their spouse graduated at the University.
On Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day and a going away party, so of course we had to up the anty. We did a chocolate fountain party! It was sooo fun, Char and I brought our fountain. A few girls melted the chocolate at their home. The rest was just good old fashion potluck, there was fruit, pretzels, animal crackers, gummy candies, if it could be dipped in chocolate it was. (Someone even had chocolate covered pizza--and No, it wasn't a pregnant woman). Some people wanted to know why I didn't bring it sooner, the thought just never crossed my mind and no one had ever asked.We are definitely doing this again!

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