Monday, March 9, 2009

Ni Hao

I've been playing Mandarin Chinese since I was pregnant with Heidi Anne. Well last night we had the Ipod playing people speaking Chinese while we were cooking dinner with Heidi Anne in the high chair.
It was going over basic greetings "Ni hao" (pronounce it like knee how) (Hi) "Nimen Hao" (Hi to a lot of people). Like any good “so you want to learn another language” tape it does the pauses so you can reply. So we hear "Ni hao".....and then from the high chair we hear Heidi yell HI!!! and she was waving to the Ipod.
We were so shocked. We just looked at each other. I don't know if anyone will believe us, heck if both of us hadn’t been in there I don't think we would have believed one another.

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