Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Weekend Weather

Its seems you can tell when billing begins at my work, I do less posting. Anyhow we had a busy week, just running errands, like shopping, and going to Gossners (which we LOVE by the way). If you're ever in the valley you have to go to Gossners. The weather was SOOO nice on Saturday, we planned on taking Heidi Anne to the park for the first time, but after many errands, she became so cranky.
We thought "Okay, we'll take her to the park and feed the ducks tomorrow". Well, as anyone that lives up here knows, it was freezing cold on Sunday. We were only able to quickly feed the family of ducks that live by our office, because it started to rain. (Cute ducks, we feed them every few days during our lunch breaks, I bet I over feed them.)

P.S Heidi Anne has learned to shake her head No and to play Where's Heidi? As soon as we get those on video we'll post it. Char is trying right now to capture it, but she is a stubborn little girl sometimes.

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