Sunday, January 28, 2018

January Recap!

Unfortunately, this post isn't in a chronological order the way I prefer, but something is better than nothing. 
We decided that it was time for Anastasia to get a better trim. (Her first hair cut back in October left much to be desired). Even after you brushed her hair it still looked messy. Anastasia sat so nicely on Daddy's lap that the stylist added some bangs to her hair.  She looks more like a little toddler now. She's even starting to allow me to do her hair with piggy tails and little bows.  (I adore this outfit on her!)
 Char took the Littles to go to the aquarium this month. They meet Grandma, Aunt L, Cousin G & Baby E. Anastasia and Rowan had a fun time. They got to go see lots of fish and other critters. Both of the Littles were fascinated with all the sites. (Notice Anastasia's messy hair? This was before the trim and the picture that helped to make the choice to cut her hair a little.). 
After they finished exploring everyone went to go play in the jungle gym room since Grandma is a member. There is a little playground meant for 6 months to 2 years old. Anastasia decided to climb up and promptly slide down the stairs.

Rowan has made a lot of progress. His teachers are starting to think he has a photographic memory. He adores vehicles of any kind. You'll hear him in the back seat yelling out the things he can see. "Bus!!" "Cement Truck!" "Excavator!" He got a pillow with a backhoe on it for Christmas. He HAS to have it in order to sleep at night. In addition to the usual group of toy trucks, cars, etc. 
We've started doing the assessments for his special needs preschool, which if accepted he'd start in March. In home Early Intervention ends at age 3. However, that's when they can start going to public special needs preschool. Speech, OT, and physical therapy are part of the curriculum. He would attend public preschool 2 days a week in addition to ABA / preschool another 2 days a week. He's going to love all the time in class. He really loves school. Every morning (sometimes even after a nap) he wakes up and asks "School?" He has a new ABA therapist due to the new year. Sadly, she doesn't do daily notes like Shay did. 
Rowan and Anastasia get along great. Well, most of the time. Anastasia just adores her big brother and wants to be around him constantly. Sometimes she likes to just sit by him.  He tolerates it pretty well, but when he wants his space he would climb onto the higher couch. That didn't work for Anastasia. (Honestly, how dare he take a break from her?) She learned how to get up the sofa by standing on top of pillows to give herself a leg up. 

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