Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Wedding-Lots of Cute Pictures

Last Friday we went to Aunt S's wedding. Heidi Anne and cousins A & H all wore matching beautiful,blue and cream dresses.
I try not to post pictures of the rest of the extended family unless I have permission, which I forgot to ask for. SO here's a lot of cute pictures of my kids while waiting for the bride to come outside for picture time.  
The poor photographer had a hard time getting Anastasia and Rowan to look at the camera. Here's 1 cute shoot of Rowan (out of 20 plus pictures).
I adore this one Char took of Rowan and Heidi Anne walking around and exploring the gardens. 
Here we are at the luncheon. Anastasia and cousin E wore matching dresses. They looked so cute. The babies were obsessed with the carrot cake. The 2 of them had 4 slices total. 
Rowan became restless so Char and I took turn watching him outside. He loved watching the water run down the mill. He also liked running around outdoors.  
Heidi Anne got a flower headpiece. She was so well behaved all day. 
Char took a picture of Anastasia and me in Grandma's backyard as the reception got started. The photographer took a few pictures of all the little families in addition to the big family photos. I don't think our babies looked in her direction a single time. I had been wanting to do family photos for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.  
Here's a picture of my corsage. There was some more rosemary on it but Anastasia pulled it out. 

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