Saturday, August 12, 2017

Slow Week & Char's Birthday

Slow week here at the house. Well, slow compared to the previous 3 weeks. Oddly, that makes things seem even slower. Morgan is on vacation so Rowan has been doing half day ABA sessions. Come to think of it, that could be adding to the lull this week.

Anyways, the theme for this week at ABA has been super heroes. Rowan painted a face mask (which was mostly green). He also colored a super hero belt (which Anastasia got a hold of before I could get a picture of it). 

Tuesday was pajama day for the babies. Rowan wanted to stay in his construction jammies. Heidi Anne decided she wanted a pajama day, too. Since we weren't going anywhere and no one was coming over, I made it a pajama day for everyone. 
Have I mentioned how much Rowan LOVES the dog. Unfortunately, it's an unrequited relationship. The dog tolerates Rowan, meanwhile Rowan adores the dog. Which is why we plan on getting Rowan his own pup a few years down the road.  
Wednesday, Rowan didn't have ABA because Mackenzie forgot she was covering for Morgan that day. The supervisor offered to come in but it would take her awhile to get there. We figured his routine was already messed up, why not skip a day and deviate even more.  

Since it was Char's birthday he decided to get everyone a treat of doughnuts and soy milk. He took Rowan to the store with him. Which could go 1 of 2 ways, 1)Amazingly or 2) total disaster. Rowan did amazingly. 
Rowan loves taking the dog for "walks" around the house lately. Here he is looking for Anastasia. She'll hide behind the sofa and we'll ask him "Where's Anastasia?" He'll go to her and say "There is!" Or he'll yell "Jaysha?" for Anastasia. This game only works with Anastasia, he doesn't play this game with anybody else. If he does, he'll go off and find Anastasia instead of Char or myself. 
I had a terrible migraine on Friday. Which pretty much sums up our slow week. But you need weeks like this to wind down from fast paced weeks or gear up for them. 

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