Sunday, July 30, 2017

Shark Week and Progress

We're recovering from vacation this week, days just feel off. Now the littles are boycotting naps, making it hard to get basic chores done around the house. One thing that's helped out a lot is Heidi Anne. We assigned her chores this week and so far so good. She has to do them before she can play, read, or have any screen time. 

Rowan has reached a milestone. He's learning that every object has a name to it. I think his PECS pictures helped him learn that. Now he loves looking at books and will even point at pictures on occasion. (The pointing is another big milestone.) To help foster this desire to learn names of things we bought him some "Baby's First 100 Words" picture books. We also got him "Baby's First 100 Words Things That Go", since he LOVES cars, planes (or any vehicle come to think of it).  

This morning he was flipping through the pages of his books contently. I decided he was in a good mood and might tolerate me sitting by him. He actually snuggled closer to me. Then he just starting talking! 

We had the following "conversation" Rowan still looking through his book said "Hi Mom." I'm surprised at this acknowledgement from him. I respond "Hi Buddy Boy!" Rowan then points to about half a dozen pictures of vehicles from his new book. He proceeds to name and point to the following objects; 

  • "Tractor" (I had no clue he knew that one!) 
  • "Car" (He's saying that word more and more often,)
  • "Boat" "Boat" "Boat" (There were 3 boats on the page)
  • "Plane!" Plane!"  (He gets excited about planes, We live near an Air Force Base, he likes to go outside and watch them as they fly by.)
I got curious and wanted to see what else he knows but can't always verbalize. I got out the Shapes & Colors book. I was in for a bigger surprise;
  • "Oval!" (Pointed right to the correct shape)
  • "Fish" (We've been watching Shark Week at home)
  • "Circle! Clock!" (Pointed at a picture of an analog clock. Doubled my sense of shock.) 
  • "Star!" (Impressive)  
With that word, "star" the spell was broken. He wanted me to name the objects again, Not a peep from him. But I love these moments. It shows he's taking in so much more than he can reveal. For those few minutes I was welcomed into his world, until it becomes to much for him to bare. But I'm patient and work hard with him and his assignments. 

Rowan continues to make amazing progress. He knows how to sign and say the word "More" and is starting to do 2 word sentences. For example, the other morning he said "More Coke!" (Anything bubbly is a coke in our house). Or the other night when I put him down to bed, he said in his soft voice, "More Up?" Naturally, I picked him up and held him. I know it was a delay tactic to avoid going to sleep, but it worked and I am so proud of him. 

Now we're working on having him tell us what exactly he wants more of. Right now it's a guessing game because he does have a limit of words he can use with PECS. He needs to say or sign more and hand us the picture card OR try to tell us what he wants. It's a goal for down the road but we're starting to try it at home right now. 

Anastasia is teething and having a growth spurt. Which makes her cranky from the pain, then she stumbles because of her growing body, in turn makes her more upset. I swear she's thinking "I could cruise just fine 2 weeks ago!" Her shorts are starting to look like onesies. Anyone have size 12-18 or 18-24 month girl clothes I could use?  

Heidi Anne found Char's old guitar and now she wants to take guitar lessons. Char thinks it would be good for her to have a creative outlet and a chance to learn a musical instrument. A piano is out due to lack of space in the apartment. But a guitar we have space for. Anyone know where I'd go to find lessons for her? Or if there are DVDs or books that can teach you to play? 

As it is shark week we've been watching a lot of shark shows. Rowan has now learned "Fish" and "Turtle". He'll say things like "Fish" or "Water". He's also picked up "Tree" and "Bird" along the way, too. Even better, he actually knows what these words are. Unfortunately, you can't play the "What's this?" (while pointing to an object. You just randomly here him pip up and say in his soft voice "Fish". We just say in surprise, "Wow! Fish! You're right buddy!"

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