Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekend at Grandmas

We spent nearly 4 days at Grandma's house this weekend. We came down Saturday evening for a family reunion, spent the night, had plans to go home Sunday. But Anastasia's surgery was set up for Tuesday and the hospital couldn't tell me until the night before what time she'd have to go in. My mother in law thought it made more sense to stay Sunday instead of leaving and coming back up the very next day. Plus, I'd have some additional help (and A/C). 

I didn't get any pictures of the family reunion, it seemed like everyone was taking pictures and I thought for sure I could get a few from someone or at least on Facebook. My mistake. It was for Grandpa's siblings and any of their children and grandchildren who were able to come. For the first time in 12 years all 8 siblings were at the same place at the same time. It was a rather big event. It was also Anastasia's first experience to the world (beyond immediate family and doctor appointments). 

Rory and I don't do well in crowds. He just wanted to be help by either me or by Grandma. He would just nuzzle into her arms. Heidi Anne was having a blast playing with all the new kids. Anastasia was on her play mat where she either slept or played as cute as could be. I had fun showing my miracle baby off to anyone who wanted to see her. I figured everyone was getting to see Rory with Grandma and Heidi could hold her own. I really wish I got more pictures. 

After everyone had eaten Grandma and Grandpa read a story in an old newspaper about Great Grandpa (Grandpa's Dad). I knew he had served as a Navy Medic during World War II but I didn't know he was at the battle for Iwo Jima. The paper was about his service at Iwo Jima. It was very interesting to listen to. 

It was really hot on Sunday and Grandma thought the kids would like to play with some water. We got dish soap, measuring cups, the yellow bucket, and a hose. Rory loved it! Plus it was on the patio, which is grass free. 
Rory had a field day splashing around. He thought it would be funny to pretend to drink the bubbles or he wasn't pretending...either way they didn't taste to good to him. But he knew he was being silly and kept scooping up some water, spilling almost all of it as it got to his face, jerked it up to his lips (throwing what little water was left onto his face), then stop and laugh.
Heidi Anne tired to see if she could sit all the way down in the cold water (she couldn't make it). Rory would watch Heidi Anne closely and follow her led. 
Funny story about the bucket. At the family reunion it was used as a drink cooler, thus it was filled with ice and soda cans. Well, Rory and his cousin G (who is only 6 weeks younger then Rory) didn't like that their water toy was being used. They would take out a single ice cube, chuck it to the ground, and pick up another piece, (repeat). Finally, after we had cleaned up all the little ice chips, we had to play keep away the bucket from the baby boys. Totally should've had my phone with me that day.  

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