Friday, September 18, 2015

The "Museum"

Recently, we went to the county "museum", which apparently was once a Carnegie Library. That amazed me, Carnegie knew about this little town? Again, for a little town the museum did pretty good. 
They had a set up of how the mercantile used to look like, The had a section for the oil rigs out here. A section about the old trains. Then an area with lots of donated "firsts", like the first telegraph, the first newspaper type set, ect. My favorite was the Victorian Parlor Room. 
Then there was the kid section. It had a tee-pee, complete with local animal pelts, their breed, and footprints. There were some arrow heads found around the area. There was a bug hide and seek game.

The "best part" were the two "old phones" the kids could play with. I felt so old trying to explain these to Heidi. The conversation pretty much went like this: "It rings and you answer it." No, you can't change the ring tone." "Nope no games, no Facebook, no, you just talk on it."  She thought it was a strange idea to use these "plain" phones. 

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