Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a fun Valentines weekend. Char got me a pretty Chinese Painting and some books, (The Federalist Papers, Unsung Heros of the Revalution, and the "Real" Founding Fathers series.
I know I'm a geek. But I love it!!
It beats what I heard on the radio today. I listen to this talk show, and the day after Valentines the host has a fake "Couple of the Year" awards. Basicly some guys forgot it was Valentines until it was to late and so the host calls the wives and has this mad lib like letter that he reads to them. In hopes the guys get out of the dog house.
Well it was super funny this year because a few guys didn't know their wives listened to the show as well, so the jig was up.
Makes me happy that even though Valentines isn't a big deal to me, Char still makes it speacial.
One things for sure well never be on the "Couple of the Year show!" ;)

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