Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking 4 Pics

This is an APB for Christmas pics. Our camera is dead (it was dying the night before Christmas). Anyhow, we only got a few pics of Heidi-Anne's first Christmas, it was early in the morning too. So if anyone has some Christmas pics of her first Christmas, can you e-mail them, or post them somewhere?
It's kinda of sad to only have a handful for her first Christmas. We got a few but they're with one of her Aunts, and there are more then one out there.
Thanks!!! :)


  1. I got lots of cute pics--I'll post them on my flickr if you want!

  2. Sorry to hear you camera is dead! I couldnt live without mine! No worries I will just buy you the new cannon A590 IS for your birthday if you want something better let me know.


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